Periodic Table of the Elements

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Chart is interactive. Each chemical element is clickable. Electron shell diagram animates on mouse-over. Properties to display are selectable.

This is an interactive periodic table (chemistry reference table).

I created this periodic table in 2007, mainly as an experiment in CSS, JavaScript, SVG, and XML transformation with XSLT. It's a bit awkward behind the scenes, but the presentation came out well, in my opinion, and the interactivity is awesome. I hand coded the whole thing. It works well in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Not so much in IE, although with IE8 it does work slowly.

At the time, I could not find a ready-to-use XML source for the elements and their various properties. I could not even find a traditional database source. So I spent a long time accumulating the data from various sources, including Wikipedia and many others. I am happy to provide these XML files to anyone interested:

Element List (Main Chart) XML
Element List (Sub Chart) XML
General Properties XML
Atomic Properties XML
Physical Properties XML
Misc. Properties XML

If you find an error or data item that needs to be updated, please let me know:

Here is another terrific interactive periodic table, by Michael Dayah.

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