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Master Excel PowerPivot Now
Outside of VBA, Excel's single most powerful feature is PowerPivot, which is an official MS add-in for Excel that…
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Back By Popular Demand - The Awesome Excel Dashboards Course!
Mynda's Excel Dashboard Course is open once again and right now she is offering a 20% Discount Code:  DASHThat code is…
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Regional Excel Differences - Leave Your Mark
My friends in Europe (Italy and Hungary) are on a mission to collect some frequently used regional settings from different…
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Advanced Excel Training!
The Excel Hero Academy opened registration yesterday for the 4th class ever. And just like that the enrollments came…
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Awesome Excel Dashboard Course
The next class of the Excel Hero Academy will open in about a month (mid September, 2012)!I am thrilled…
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Excel Formulas Can Make a Graph
If you have followed my work for any period of time, you know that I'm a big advocate of…
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One Year Anniversary - Excel Hero LinkedIn Group
I am very happy to publish this guest article about the amazing first year of the Excel Hero LinkedIn…
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Motion Induced Blindness
Hello All.My name is Ian Huitson "Hui". I am quite honored that Daniel has invited me to become a regular…
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Time to Learn!
It is with great pride that I announce that the third class of the Excel Hero Academy is now…
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Excel VBA Class 2012
The next class of the Excel Hero Academy will open on February 1, 2012!There's already a couple of hundred students…
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Excel Universal Calendar Template
Happy New Year to all Excel Hero readers!One of my very first posts on this blog was about the Live…
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VBA vs Macros
A couple of months ago, Microsoft asked me to take a new, student grades template for teachers and enhance it…
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Awesome Formula Challenge!
Over at the Excel Hero LinkedIn Group, I just posted a very tough Formula Challenge for converting numbers to written…
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Chandoo's VBA Class
Right now the Excel Hero Academy is full to the brim with students learning how Excel really thinks.A big component…
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Excel Hero Academy is Closing Registration for 2011
Sample Video from EHA 2 is BelowAs of right now, over 250 students have enrolled in Excel Hero Academy 2.But…
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Excel Corality Challenge Winner Announced
I just received this bit of interesting news.Thanks, Corality.  I'm honored.By the way, there's still six days left to enroll…
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Excel Hero Logo Contest!
It's been 19 months since I started the Excel Hero blog.Excel Hero has grown into quite a number of operations…
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Excel Hero Academy Is Reopening!
I am very happy to announce that the Excel Hero Academy will be starting the 2nd group of students on…
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Excel Narrated Animated Business Chart
Sometime ago, I stumbled onto an interesting narrated chart at the NY Times that told the story of Oil's price…
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Excel MVP
On July 1, 2011, I woke to a very pleasant surprise.  In my inbox was a message from Microsoft congratulating…
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